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At Velvon every member of the team can contribute and develop their skills. The best example of this is our management team. Although they are very different individuals, they have things in common: a strong personality, detailed knowledge and a wide range of experience. And our company profits from all of this.


Erich Comor

Chief Executive Officer

Founder of Velvon and Air Bank CZ. Erich enjoys leading and overcoming obstacles. He really loves questioning established beliefs. And he hates compromises – especially when it comes to developing the best solutions possible for our customers. As a strategist and visionary he is always thinking one step further, and he approaches problems with a smile. Erich has amazing energy – at work, at home or when competing in triathlons.

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Daniela Razimova

Chief People Officer

Daniela’s main interests are people, people and people. Whether she is dealing with 100,000 employees or just 50, working all over the world or just in one country, she gives each individual the same careful attention. Daniela believes that our dreams, talents and decisiveness can help us to achieve the impossible. Giving up is not an option. Because the goal is always within reach.

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Martin Fiala

Chief Technology Officer

Martin starts every day with a smile and the irrepressible will to move things forward. He is always energetic. And always focused on finding solutions that are both practical and lasting. His approach to leading a team of diverse and motivated individuals? Common sense, constructive discussion and sharing ideas provide the best way forward. His intense concentration may sometimes give a different impression, but he is actually the friendliness in person.

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Michael Tischmeyer

Chief Financial Officer

Michael loves turning the world into numbers and playing around with them. If he has a goal, he needs to reach, he is extremely determined. ‘Impossible’ is a word he simply doesn’t understand. Michael needs a highly motivated team to work with. Satisfaction means developing, working on and achieving a vision. And even if he sometimes appears obsessed with details, he never loses sight of the big prize.

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Bjoern Christian Wolf

Chief Product Officer

Bjoern generates ideas. His speciality is simple and elegant solutions. And he likes quick and practical decisions. Bjoern combines optimism and drive. He works fast, has plenty of energy and is always ready for the next big challenge. He hates bureaucracy and wasting time and money on unnecessary things. His favourite quote comes from Leonard Bernstein: “To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time."

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Joerg Geisler

Chief Risk Officer

Joerg likes maths, biathlon, and Latin American dancing - a really a unique mixture. He’s always ready to try out new things. And to see if they fit with our vision of banking. As a master in creating new solutions and implementing them in a structured way, he knows how to achieve a goal – whatever problems you may encounter. Joerg’s family are the most important thing in his life and he likes to spend as much time with his children as possible.

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Axel Zabel

Chief Customer Services Officer

Axel doesn’t just want to meet customers’ expectations, he wants to exceed them. He is always looking for the latest trends and the best ideas. He might look tough, but he leads his team with a lot of charm and humour. Although when it comes to badminton he knows no mercy whatsoever. He loves barbecuing for his family, and is an expert in not doing the washing up.

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Peter Hoffmann

Chief Marketing Officer

Peter is an experienced manager with in-depth knowledge of consumer research, brand management and online marketing. He is a big fan of unconventional advertising and customer orientated strategies. Peter likes it straight forward without bullshit and sugar coating. You can find him in Munich during the week planning our revolution in German banking. At weekends he goes to his home in Tirol in Austria where he loves to ski.

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Klaus Schweda

Chief Legal Counsel und Compliance Officer

“A good lawyer will always bring a solution to the problem he created.” Law is his specialty, but he is not a typical lawyer. His suit is only part of the show. Besides good wine he loves great ideas and smart people with enough humor. And he never gets tired of working for the best customer solution - except when he's back on tour in his home country of Austria.

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