Passion and competence.

Velvon. Different is possible.


A new definition of banking.

We have a clear aim. To change banking for ever. First in Germany. Then throughout Europe. We look to the future and develop the products and services that our customers want. We keep everything very simple, practical and safe. So we avoid complicated words and hidden small print.

Velvon has been inspired by market success of its “sister Air Bank” and offers  start-up spirit and dynamism while the Air Bank´s shareholders provide Velvon with the stability of the global financial investor.

Not just a bank


Others try to jump over obstacles. We prefer not to put up obstacles in the first place. We keep our banking app, our products and the way we work together as simple as possible. If you like an easy life, you will love Velvon.

What we stand for.

Even when we’re sitting down.

The wishes and expectations of our customers are the focus of everything we do. They form the basis of our principles. Velvon is…

Velvon is not afraid to be different. We are happy to think differently and act differently. Velvon is confident but never arrogant. We question the way things are and choose a different path if necessary. Velvon may accept a risk, but is never reckless. The aim is always to improve the experience of banking with us.

Velvon is friendly and easy to talk to. We don’t hide behind small print. We are authentic, open and honest. We want to make sure that you feel understood and supported.

Banking with Velvon is amazingly intuitive, simple and easy - the way banking should be. We want you to feel strong and supported in everything that you do.

These are the principles we judge ourselves by. And by which you can judge us.

We don’t come to work to feel important.

We come to work together.


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